i make awesome things, for awesome people
just like you, cutie
moar awesomeness plz

Fancy Design Work

and by fancy I mean well thought out and perfectly executed

I helped save the world @

The Nature Conservancy

I channel my inner MegaZord for

Power Rangers

I help educate the 'youths' for

Blink Now

I redesigned the website for

Curious George

I did Her Magesty proud @

BBC America

I helped moms meet moms @

Cafe Mom

I was funny @

Comedy Central

I made kids book site for

Toon Books

I made comics interactive with



Creative Director
Visual Designer
UX Designer
App Designer
Mobile Designer
Motion Graphics Maker
Social Media Creator


Spot Illustrations
Time-Lapse Drawings
Character Design
Children's Book Illustrations
Social Media Illustrations
General Goofiness


Children's Book Author
Social Media Writer
Video Editor
BBQ Pork Pit-Master
Generally Happy Dude

Lovely Illustrations

Happy moms, dead bugs, drunk animals & scientific mumbo-jumbo... I can draw it all.

I did some speed drawing for


I made infographics galore @

Withings (part of Nokia)

I made a kids app called

123 Smash: Bugs!

I drew a bajillion things @


I did adorable drawings for

Draw me a [ Blank ]

I did trade show walls for

Core Home

I did amazing videos @

BBC America

I drew a drunk animal for

The Hawk

I drew some chest hair for

Bare for Men

I counted casualties for

Battlestar Galactica

I illustrated pages for

The School of Visual Arts

I drew shenanigans for

Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving

U wanna know bout little ole' me?

Alrighty I'll tell you, but just know that you're making me blush.

Jesse Willmon

All Around Great Guy

Hello interested party, I assume you want to know a little bit more about me. To start, I’m a designer and illustrator from beautiful Queens NY, where I live with my wife, two totally adorable kids and one generally grumpy cat.

My recent work includes Visual Design, UX, Infographics, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Storyboarding, Game Design, Writing, Producing and making Speed Drawing Videos.

Basically, I'm looking for projects that let me make fun things with fun people.

So, if you have a fun thing you want me to work on with you, let me know at:

However, if you need even MORE convincing,
you can view my resume here:


Contact Me

Oh how lovely that you want to talk with me, because I want to talk with you too! XOXO